Jake Fromm didn’t have the greatest NFL Combine showing last weekend in Indianapolis.

Sure, his football IQ and work ethic are touted — and should be, but there’s also a major question about arm strength. ESPN’s Todd McShay was on-hand for the NFL Draft, and he got a great look at Fromm during the combine.

His opinion? Fromm is a “brutal evaluation.”

“With Fromm, he comes out as a freshman and gets that job because of the injury and never relinquishes and has 5-stars transferring (Jacob Eason and Justin Fields) because he just turns into the guy,” McShay said Tuesday during a post-combine teleconference. “The past couple years, he had no receivers. With 3 injuries up front, protection was inconsistent, but you go back and study the tape when he had (talent at Georgia) on offense and he made plays. Watch him at the combine — his balls are floating. He’s a brutal evaluation.

“I would argue he’s as smart football intelligence wise as any quarterback in this class,” McShay continued. “You talk to anyone at Georgia about his work ethic and the length he goes to have success and you can see how he was able to overcome the lack of elite physical tools, but some of his throws aren’t going to work in the NFL. Eason, who he beat out, has a much better arm. Tua is such a natural. The ball just pops out. (Joe) Burrow doesn’t have elite arm strength, but he can make all the throws.”

So, how long does McShay think it will take Fromm to get drafted?

“At the end of the day, he’s a Day 2 pick,” McShay said.

Fromm elected to leave Georgia following his junior season. During his 3-year career, Fromm threw for 8,236 yards and 78 touchdowns. In 2019, Fromm completed a 3-year low 60.8 percent of his passes.