During Mark Richt’s 15-year tenure at Georgia, nearly everyone who met him agreed that he was a truly good guy.

Richt is proving that to be accurate once again with the Miami Hurricanes, as he has started a group to help former Miami players find jobs and network with other former players.

Called the “U Network,” the group is about friendships and connections that will help former Hurricanes better their lives, according to the Associated Press:

“The U Network is a 365-days-a-year adventure, so to speak,” Richt said. “We just want to help our guys connect with each other in a reunion-type thing, help friendships that already exist and make new friends within the football alumni. But also, if anybody feels forgotten or anybody feels like nobody cares, we do care. And we want everybody to know that we’re here to find work if they need work, or a good connection, or just know that you’ve got friends.”

Richt played quarterback at Miami from 1979 to 1982 and clearly has deep ties to the program. As the “U Network” continues to grow, it will only help to make Richt’s legacy at his alma mater even greater.