Legendary Georgia and Olympic swimming coach Jack Bauerle, who recently retired, kept it short and sweet when asked how Heisman-winning running back Herschel Walker would far in today’s college football landscape.

“He’d run wild,” Bauerle said via DawgNation.

Walker was one of the greatest college running backs to ever play the game, winning the coveted Heisman Trophy in 1982 and recently being named the second greatest college football player ever by ESPN, only behind Syracuse running back Jim Brown.

Bauerle addressed the myth that Walker would be hit harder today than he would in his glory days at Georgia in the 80s.

“People think they hit harder now than they did then; they are mistaken,” Bauerle said. ” Watch that game — there would have been 15 or 10 times when they’d have been thrown out in this day and age. They leveled each other.”