The Georgia Bulldogs had true freshman QB Jake Fromm lead them to the National Championship Game last year, then brought in a 5-star player in the 2018 class as well — Justin Fields.

This year, both quarterbacks have been playing, with Fromm getting the starts and Fields coming in as a change of pace.

Ahead of this weekend’s game at LSU, which will be broadcast on CBS, CBS analyst Gary Danielson spoke with Saturday Down South and said he thinks Fields deserves a bigger role with the Dawgs’ offense. He said he thinks Fields can really help ignite the Georgia running game that hasn’t been as effective as it was last year:

“They don’t have the diversified back that Sony Michel brought to the table,” he said. “I think that diversification can come from Justin Fields. The way that Alabama has continued to use Jalen Hurts to expand their offense, I think that, as we go forward — I haven’t seen this at practice or anything, so I’m not letting anything out of the bag — I think we’re going to see Justin Fields become a bigger player.”

While many have speculated that using Fields so much has hurt Fromm’s development, Danielson sees it a different way. He thinks this year will be beneficial for both players in the long run:

“At least for this year, I think both of the players will set aside their egos,” he said. “The fact that they didn’t win the championship last year and needed just one more play, I think everybody will set aside the egos and the NFL desires and all that stuff. With the help of Jim Chaney and the toughness of Kirby Smart, I think they’ll be able to manage the media and the team. They’ll be a better team using Justin Fields more and, ultimately, I think it’ll make Jake Fromm a better quarterback.

“Things have gone well for (Fromm) and he’s a great leader and a great quarterback, and he’s going to do nothing but get better, but he’s going to learn how to get even tougher competing with Justin Fields.”

The Bulldogs face their toughest test of the season so far in Baton Rouge this weekend, and we’ll see how the true freshman handles the pressure. If he plays well, Danielson’s prediction could very well come true.