Georgia Athletics Director Greg McGarity is taking the unique step to snap a streak he’s built up to 406 games. McGarity, the long-time SEC administrator, has said he will not travel to Arkansas for the Bulldogs’ season-opener on Sept. 26.

McGarity made the decision to not travel to road games that require a flight because the team plane is restricted to those in the “bubble,” the Athens Banner-Herald reported. Those people are tested three times a week.

“I’m not so sure it’s worth that effort for me,” he said. “We’re really sensitive to those people that are getting on those charters, and just going on the day of the game doesn’t make sense financially as well. So I’ll stay back for the three road trips, and see where things stand on the ones where we can drive.”

McGarity’s absence will end a streak of 406 straight games that dates back to Nov. 12, 1988 while working in athletic administration at Georgia, Florida and then Georgia again.

McGarity said he would miss the Bulldogs’ long road trips, such as Arkansas, Kentucky and Missouri. But Alabama, Florida in Jacksonville and South Carolina are more manageable to reach by car.

But Georgia donors will also miss out on the road games because there are no tickets available for road games for Georgia donors this season under reduced attendance restrictions.

“I’m not the only one missing a lot of streaks,” McGarity said. “There are a lot of individuals that aren’t going to be able to travel this year that have traveled on the charter — like our radio crew and coaches’ wives. Unless you absolutely have an essential role to play, we just don’t want to go there. … I think it sets a good example, too, that my gosh, the AD isn’t even going with the team.”