Monday has thrown the sports world into chaos. Positive COVID-19 tests in Major League Baseball are showing that perhaps sports without an isolated bubble can’t work during a pandemic.

This is news that the college football world will look at closely, considering the current plan seems to involve teams traveling between campuses.

Recently, Georgia AD Greg McGarity said he hopes to have a decision from the SEC soon so that other plans can start to be made (via

“To say that we’d have a decision by the end of this week, I just don’t know, honestly,” he said. “I don’t know if that moves the ball any further down the field or not. I’d be afraid to say one way or another. You just never know when something might break. …


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“I hope it’s imminent because we need to move on.”

Video conferences between the SEC ADs and commissioner Greg Sankey are scheduled for Tuesday and Friday. We’ll see what sort of information and decisions come out of those meetings.

One thing is for sure right now, though — everything needs to be put on the table if we want to have the safest college football season possible amid the challenges 2020 presents.