As we approach the start of the 2020 college football season, the question of how many fans will be allowed in stadiums is still being asked.

Some states are planning for up to 50% capacity at stadiums, while others are down in the 25% range. Mask policies are also being finalized.

This week, Georgia AD Greg McGarity announced that Sanford Stadium will have a mandatory mask policy this fall (via 247Sports):

“They wanted to make sure the protections were in place for the fans,” McGarity said. “As you can tell in the release as far as the social distancing and making sure that the conference set guidelines, not getting into specifics, but there are certain expectations that anyone coming to an SEC game should have. They should feel safe, they should feel the institution is using the best practices. It’s going to be different. Masks will be mandatory.

“We’ve got a great plan. Give a lot of credit to Josh Brooks and his staff. We’ve had an army of individuals working on what would our social distancing plan be. We’re going through the final pieces of that now. Once we release that, I think those that are able to come to our games can feel they’re as safe as possible that we understand that some people that are able to come to the game may not feel comfortable coming to the game. We understand that. We’ll do our best to create the safest environment for anyone in the confines of Sanford Stadium whether that’s fans or student-athletes. That’s our charge.”

Now, we’ll have to see how many fans the Bulldogs allow to come to games this fall.