Unlike some teams, Alabama for example, Georgia seems to be fully embracing the competition at quarterback this spring. While many aren’t buying what head coach Kirby Smart has been selling regarding the competition, the latest social media releases from the Bulldog program indicate the battle continues to rage on well into the summer between sophomore Jacob Eason and true freshman Jake Fromm.

Check out this promo art Georgia football sent out Thursday afternoon hyping up not only the spring game but the current competition between the two Bulldog quarterbacks:

That isn’t all the team sent out, as this video was released, featuring both quarterbacks mic’d up during spring camp:


It’s very clear from the video that both players approach leadership in varying methods. Which style works best for Georgia remains to be seen but Saturday’s game will give the first public viewing of the head-to-head competition. Considering Georgia doesn’t currently have any notable depth behind the two quarterbacks, pushing both to prove themselves can’t be a bad thing. It’s highly likely both quarterbacks take snaps in the fall but it will be interesting to see how the team handles the first bit of adversity the season throws at them.

It’s not out of the question that the competition creates some level of division should things not go according to plan early in the season, but so far, it looks to be all fun and games from both quarterbacks this spring in Athens.

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