Indoor practice facilities are popping up all over college football and major programs without one are quickly becoming the anomaly.

The University of Georgia approved a $400,000 plan to design and determine a location for an IPF back in September, but the process has moved along at too slow of a pace for UGA defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt’s liking.

“They got it done in seven months at Florida State,” Pruitt said to the media following Tuesday’s practice. “The first day I took the job on Jan. 7, they broke ground and it was done the first day of practice.”

Pruitt was FSU’s defensive coordinator for the 2013 season.

Currently, Georgia’s only indoor practice facility is a multi-purpose facility that houses a 20-yard by 60-yard turf field, a space too small for all of the units to get in a quality practice when forced indoors.

On Tuesday, the Bulldogs had to move inside to practice thanks to near freezing temperatures. According to a report by Marc Weiszer of, Pruitt also harped on the disadvantages of not having an IPF in regard to recruiting as UGA is one of just two SEC schools that doesn’t have a full-fledged indoor practice facility.

“What they say is, ‘how important is football at Georgia because they don’t have an indoor practice facility,'” Pruitt explained. As a football player, you aren’t going to get better if you aren’t practicing every day and bowl practice and offseason and all that.”

With Georgia’s season coming down to the final games, the Bulldogs’ practices are becoming more and more valuable.

A bowl game, along with a potential SEC Championship appearance, are in their sights and Pruitt doesn’t want to rob his players of the opportunity to improve simply because the school doesn’t have the appropriate facilities to accommodate the team during unfavorable weather conditions.

Overall, the first-year defensive coordinator remained optimistic about Georgia’s plan to construct a larger indoor practice facility in the future and that his message was directed toward recruits rather than at the UGA administration.

” …I know that we’re fixing to take care of [the IPF issue] and this is going to be the last football team at Georgia that is going to have days that they don’t get better because of not having an indoor facility.”

UGA’s athletic director Greg McGarity announced Tuesday night the school recently hired an architect for the project and noted that it’s “the first part of the process” but he doesn’t expect the building to be done by next season.