A dominant defensive unit has paved the way for undefeated Georgia to pull within 2 victories of repeating as national champions.

Heading into the Peach Bowl matchup vs. Ohio State, defenders Zion Logue and Jamon Dumas-Johnson, and co-defensive coordinator Glenn Schumann were asked in a press conference on Tuesday about the meaning of Georgia’s weekly “Bloody Tuesday.”

Logue explained the practice atmosphere during a “Bloody Tuesday” session.

“You see a lot of flying around, a very physical day from everybody, from offense to defense, even in the special teams,” Logue said. “High tempo. It’s going to be very fun.”

Dumas-Johnson stated that blood being shed isn’t metaphorical for the feisty and ferocious Bulldogs.

“Bloody Tuesday is a day where we go after it. Just like Zio said, final round, getting to it, a very physical day for us. Sometimes you see blood. Sometimes you don’t, depending on how the players go at it,” Dumas-Johnson said. “But that’s one of the days we get after it, play the game before the game. Tuesdays is just different in Athens.”

Schumann praises the defensive players for embracing “Bloody Tuesday” with total effort and tenacity.

“Bloody Tuesday is really about there’s a lot of first and second down in terms of what the plan is. There’s a lot of team run. There’s a lot of good on good. And ultimately, I just made this statement in there with the print media, but when you look at it, it’s what these guys put into it,” Schumann said. “So they embrace the fact that today has to be a physical day. There’s gotta be a lot of contact, and that they really set the tone for what a bloody Tuesday is.”

Georgia’s defense ranks 2nd nationally with 12.8 points per game allowed. The victory against LSU in the SEC title game was the first time Georgia allowed at least 30 points this season.

It should be a fascinating battle against an Ohio State squad that’s second nationally with 44.5 points per game anchored by 2-time Heisman Trophy finalist C.J. Stroud.

Georgia-Ohio State will kick off at 8 pm. ET on New Year’s Eve and will be televised on ESPN.