In his post-game radio interview on Saturday, and again on Monday, Georgia coach Kirby Smart was asked about Tennessee as he came off the win over Auburn. He noted one key difference between the teams.

“I think the experience, you look at their defensive line and offensive line, I really believe that’s where the game starts,” Smart said. “There’s nothing easier, if you’re able to run the ball, it makes the game (easier). If you can’t run the ball, it makes the game difficult, and it’s all based on your offensive line and your defensive line. It’s not to say there’s not some offensive line out there that’s got great pass pro and a team can throw it for 600 yards and never have to run the ball and be successful. LSU broke that norm, it wasn’t that they couldn’t run it.”

The Vols, especially with the addition of Georgia transfer Cade Mays, boast one of the best offensive lines in the SEC as Trey Smith anchors the unit at left guard.

“When I start with Tennessee, they have a commitment to the run, they’re physical on the offensive line, they’ve got a deep offensive line, they’ve got big people on the defensive line,” Smart said. “They’ve got experience, they’ve got big people, with those two they’re just ahead right now of where Auburn is.”

Tennessee has allowed four sacks in two games, but is second in the league in rushing offense as the Vols are averaging 182.5 yards per game after wins over South Carolina and Missouri.