The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party just got a little bit more interesting.

Per Seth Emerson of the Macon Telegraph, UGA spokesman Calude Felton confirmed Monday afternoon that both Georgia and Florida will wear their respective home jerseys this Saturday in Jacksonville, Fla.

The proposal to allow both teams to wear home uniforms was agreed upon by both universities earlier in the year. Florida Gators athletic director Jeremy Foley said in March he was inspired by a fan who sent in an old photo from a Florida-Georgia game from the mid-1960s.

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“It’s just something a little different,” Foley said of the uniform agreement in a Q&A with “To be honest, a fan suggested it. He sent me a picture of what they used to do when Coach Spurrier was playing. He had a blue jersey on and whoever was tackling him had a red jersey on. It’s a unique rivalry and just a little different something to do. There is no particular reason.”

“Georgia agreed and we agreed,” Foley added. “At the end of the day, you’ve still got to win the ballgame no matter what color jersey you have on. I think it’s just a little something that makes the game even more unique.”

Presumably, Georgia will wear its red tops and Florida will don its blue jerseys.