Mark Richt still remembers what Jabari Davis said when deciding to play college ball at Tennessee instead of Georgia in 2001, and Richt shared it while speaking at the Knoxville Quarterback Club on Monday.

“Tennessee competes for National Championships and Georgia competes for conference titles.”

Not only did Richt recall that quote, but he also mentioned that it hurt him when Davis had said that, according to former Vols player and current radio host Jayson Swain. And it just goes to show that the Georgia-Tennessee rivalry is alive and well.

After Davis picked Tennessee over Georgia, he went on to have a solid college career from 2001-04. However, neither program went on to win a national title during that time, although both were having success.

Richt was entering his first season as Bulldogs head coach in 2001, and he led them to at least eight wins in each of his first nine seasons. He ended up being their head coach until 2016, when he then went on to be the head coach at Miami for three seasons.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Davis said that when he made his commitment or that Richt still can remember it. The rivalry between Georgia and Tennessee runs deep, and the two programs have been competing hard for many years.

Richt’s latest comments come as the Bulldogs and Vols get set to play their 2020 matchup. Georgia and Tennessee are set to kick off on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS.