The 2020 MLB Draft begins on Wednesday, and when Round 1 gets underway, a pair of Georgia pitchers could hear their names called.

Lefty Emerson Hancock and right-hander Cole Wilcox both likely would have had great seasons if the 2020 campaign hadn’t been canceled amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

They weighed in recently (via a release from Georgia) on what it would be like to be Round 1 picks:

“The great thing about the MLB Draft is you can kind of see how things play out,” said Hancock. “Nobody really knows what’s going to happen. There’s a lot of uncertainty about where people might go. Whatever does happen, I’ll make the best decision for me and my family. Every kid’s goal when you start playing at a young age is to be a big leaguer.”

“Teams keep their business to themselves, and it’s kind of a guessing game, but I look at it as a win-win,” said Wilcox. “Obviously, I love the University (of Georgia), the two years I’ve spent there are two of the best years of my life, not only in baseball but my growth as a person. On the other side of that, it could be something that fulfills a life-long dream. Either way, I look it as a win-win for sure. I’ve got to crank out the details. I’m going to talk a lot with my family, a lot with the people I’m close with.”

In’s latest mock draft, Hancock is expected to go No. 6 overall to the Seattle Mariners and Wilcox is projected to go No. 20 overall to the Milwaukee Brewers.