Saturday afternoon’s College Football Playoff semifinal game between Clemson and Notre Dame was ugly.

The Tigers destroyed the Irish 30-3, and it looked like Notre Dame just didn’t belong on the same field with Clemson.

Notre Dame, of course, was the No. 3 seed ahead of No. 4 Oklahoma, and there was debate about whether Georgia should be in the Playoff regardless of being a two-loss team or not. Georgia was left out at No. 5.

Bulldogs players were obviously watching the Cotton Bowl, and they weren’t afraid to make make their voices known on social media either:

Remember, Georgia lost to LSU 36-16 and blew a double-digit lead to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game, but there’s little doubt Georgia-Clemson would have been a fun Playoff semifinal.

The Bulldogs are set to face Texas in the Sugar Bowl on January 1 at 8:45 p.m. ET.

What will be interesting will be in the future when an undefeated conference-less Notre Dame is sitting there again. Will the committee reflect back on this rout?