UGA police are investigating a dormitory burglary that allegedly involves one prospect who visited The Bulldogs’ Dawg Night camp over the weekend.

The police have identified a visiting out-of-state prospect as the target of the investigation, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and the prospect’s name hasn’t been released yet.

“We do have the person identified,” UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We know them to be visiting our campus as a football recruit. How he got access to the residence hall, an access-controlled facility, was he was spending the night with two other football players. He was bunked out with these two other football players for the night.

“The person we think may be responsible for this, every indication is that they had legitimate access to the residence hall,” Williamson said. “They got access by being a visitor with other students. That visitor lives out of state, so our investigation is ongoing, but the person we feel is responsible had a legitimate reason to be there and was there as a guest. We know his current residence to be somewhere in South Florida.”

The UGA police were dispatched to Rooker Hall in reference to a burglary that occurred in Busbee Hall early Saturday morning. Residents said a black male entered their residence at 7:30 AM ET Saturday without permission and stole an iPhone 5 and a wallet.

“Coach (Mark) Richt is aware of the incident over the weekend and the UGA Police are handling the appropriate police investigation,” UGA spokesman Claude Felton told the Atlantic Journal-Constitution.