As teams like Georgia put the finishing touches on fall camp, and switch gears in the coming days to game week preparations for Clemson, the program is set to release a behind-the-scenes glimpse at camp life.

On Sunday, they put out a trailer, but the full show is expected to air next week on WSB-TV.

“Connection with resiliency, with toughness, and with composure,” Smart said in a video clip. “Every one of those things. But camp, that’s what camp’s about. What can you do to get this team better, and what can you do to work on you, so that we get what we need.”

The Bulldogs recently have dealt with a slew of injuries, especially to the wide receivers and tight ends, and they’re hoping to be near full strength for the game against the Tigers in Charlotte on Sept. 4.

“I want to be the most competitive tough team we have,” Smart said.