Handing out grades from Georgia’s beat down of the Charleston Southern Buccaneers. 


With the starters in, Georgia was near unstoppable. They racked up 336 yards of offense in the first half, rolling to a 38-3 lead before heading into the locker room. Hutson Mason was nearly perfect, going 10-for-12 for 187  yards and 3 TD in the first half. All three of his touchdowns throws were dimes, hitting receivers in stride and leaving the defenders no chance to disrupt the play. Nick Chubb was dominant in the limited work he got, averaging 12.6 yards per carry for his 113 yards, including an 83-yard score in the first quarter. The backups looked solid as well, with Brice Ramsey completing 8-of-12 passes for 92 yards and a touchdown as the Dawgs kept it rolling in the third quarter, although Ramsey did toss a pick when he threw behind his receiver. The Dawgs also fumbled away a ball late in the fourth quarter, but it was by a fourth-stringer.


Just like on offense, the first-team defense punished an overmatched Buccaneers offense. Playing against the Buccaneers provided a good warmup for the Georgia Tech offense next week. While Charleston Southern managed to put some points on the board in second half, the Bulldogs shut everything down for the first two quarters. The Buccaneers managed just 72 yards in the first half, and Georgia was bringing the thunder with some hard hits. They also forced two turnovers in the first half, putting the kibosh on any semblance of offense from the Buccaneers.


Marshall Morgan showed off his leg with a 53-yard field goal in the first half, leaving plenty of room to spare on the end. He did push a 47-yarder a little later in the half, but it wasn’t a gimme by any means. Georgia gets docked a bit for letting punt returner Isaiah McKenzie get blasted on a second-half punt return, and he didn’t play again after taking a hard hit.


Mark Richt had his starters sharp at the outset, piling up huge yardage and point totals in the first half. He got the first team out of the game after that first half, eliminating the risk of losing any key players to injury. There’s not much to be gained from games like this other than experience for the backups, and Georgia got that in spades with two full quarters of action for the reserves.


Georgia accomplished their mission on Saturday, crushing a non-conference opponent and making sure the offense and defense both stayed sharp and avoided major injury. Chubb kept his 100-yard streak intact and Mason was on the money, while the defense came out hitting hard.