Georgia unveiled its national championship rings during the G-Day spring game on Saturday as former players getting set for the NFL Draft showed them off on the sideline for the ESPN2 broadcast.

On Monday, the program unveiled them on social media with a video that showed close-up images of coach Kirby Smart’s ring and other details about the design. Audio from radio broadcasts from last season was included in the reveal.

“A national championship for a new generation of Bulldogs,” radio voice Scott Howard said in the reveal video.

Several former players interviewed during the ESPN2 broadcast said they helped design the jewelry

After the G-Day game, Smart said he hadn’t received his ring yet, but spoke about them.

“I was really proud of those guys,” he said. “Getting to see them there today and the ovation they got means so much. Those guys have given so much to this program, and there’s a lot of guys, there’s five-year, six-year, three-year guys. It’s a random group when it comes to the number of years served here. It’s not like they’re all one class. They all came in across really three years, and they’ve changed the culture, the work ethic, and there’s a lot of guys before them that didn’t get a ring that were out there today, too, that they were part of that same success. Some of that ring is theirs, and I think the guys that got the rings will be the first to admit that.”