Recently, Georgia football players returned to campus as the SEC allows its teams to participate in voluntary workouts. The workouts are a first, significant step toward the return of college football after the spring sports shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are still, however, many steps to be taken before fans can for sure expect to be in Sanford Stadium this fall watching the Bulldogs.

In fact, UGA has a 225-page document posted online titled, “Plans for a Phased Return to Full Operations.” The operations include day-to-day university operations as well as hosting athletic competitions on campus. The document notes that the “resumption of sporting events in the fall will be informed by SEC/NCAA direction, as well as campus, system office, and state guidance.” It also shares that, UGA Athletics “will continually meet to review and discuss public health guidance and risk mitigation measures necessary for hosting large scale athletics competition events, targeting a date of July 17 for a decision about resumption of competition.”

Ahead of those decisions, UGA has already outlined 3 “options” for attendance at Sanford Stadium:

Option I: In this scenario, patrons will not be allowed to be in attendance at any of our athletic events. Events would take place with only essential staffing (game officials, management, etc.).

Option II: In this scenario, there will be limited attendance with mandatory social distancing. Our policies would align with state guidelines for live performance venues. We have designated seating throughout all our athletic facilities to mandate where patrons can sit while still maintaining their 6’ distance. We will install decals on flooring to ensure 6’ spacing in all lines (ingress, concessions, restrooms, etc.). We will also attempt to eliminate potential congregation elements such as misting tents and water refill stations. We will move to cashless operations in all areas while additionally removing touchpoints where possible (parking, ticketing, concessions, etc.). Our concession workers will be mandated to wear gloves and masks.

Option III: In this scenario, social distancing practices are relaxed and there are no restrictions on attendance. This eliminates the need for reduced seating configurations and maintaining social distancing in all lines. Our focus will shift to other best practices for mitigation. We will eliminate potential congregation elements. We will still move to cashless operations and reducing touchpoints where possible.

Obviously, all fans are hoping for Option III. If that’s not available, though, UGA sounds like it will be ready.

[H/T Dawgs 247]