Should Georgia look to replace Georgia Tech at the end of the season with another, more competitive opponent?

That idea has been floated out there this offseason citing a lack of competitiveness in the series despite the fact the Bulldogs only have a three-game winning streak in the annual series and a 4-2 record in the previous six matchups against the Yellow Jackets but if you ask that to Georgia legend David Pollack, that idea doesn’t make much sense to him.

During a recent appearance on Birmingham-based WJOX 94.5 FM radio show “3 Man Front,” Pollack was asked to share his thoughts on the idea that Georgia should end its annual end of the regular season series with Georgia Tech.

“Well, I mean, here’s the thing, I think there’s gonna be cycles of everything where it’s not going to be as relevant,” Pollack said on the show. “This rivalry won’t be as relevant as it used to be, but that doesn’t mean you scratch it. We’ve already gotten rid of enough rivalries in sports and when we continue to get rid of rivalries because you know conferences realignment things change but if you ever come in and people say, it might not matter blah blah blah, XYZ.

“If you ever come to Georgia you’ll see how much it matters. The fan bases, it matters, within the state, it matters.”

Pollack went on to share his opinion that when you move away from historically great matchups like Georgia vs. Georgia Tech, you hurt the entire sport of college football and what makes it so unique.

Whether you believe Georgia Tech is a relevant opponent for Georgia or not, the difference between winning and losing that game can make for a year of bragging rights for one side of the fan base or the other inside the Peach State.

“And listen, they’re not the end of the world, I get it, it’s not the end all be all and that game hasn’t you know decided national championships or had huge huge implications but it’s a tradition that’s hundreds of years that’s been going on for forever in the state of Georgia, it means something so a lot of people here,” Pollack added. “So that’s the kind of stuff that in college football when we lose, I think you lose a part of history that’s really fun to pay attention to and be a part of when you play in it.

“That’s like saying Auburn is getting beat, if they lose eight in a row, well heck, Auburn doesn’t win anymore, let’s just not have the Iron Bowl anymore. That doesn’t make sense to me. I like Georgia’s rivalry, the familiarity, the hate, the in-state and all that stuff. It adds fuel to the fire and makes the end of the season really fun.”

Pollack makes some good points when it comes to maintaining the Georgia-Georgia Tech series for years to come.

Even in a year as rough as 2020 has been, having a rivalry game at the end of the season is something all college football fans deserve to look forward to and this matchup is no different.