When the final College Football Playoff rankings are revealed Sunday afternoon, Georgia and Michigan will likely be playing one another in the semifinal.

It’s likely the College Football Playoff selection committee will rank Michigan and Georgia at 2 and 3, and the Wolverines and Bulldogs will be pitted against one another. That’s a compelling matchup with 2 elite teams.

Paul Finebaum has always been a Jim Harbaugh doubter, but he’s now singing a different tune after the Big Ten Championship victory over Iowa.

“As far as Michigan is concerned, they have proven everyone wrong, especially people like me, who did not think they could get to this point,” Finebaum said on SportsCenter. “I genuinely believe that Jim Harbaugh has done the best coaching job in the country. I would vote for him today as National Coach of the Year, and I think the momentum from last night in Indianapolis will carry them potentially pretty far in this tournament.”

Finebaum also thinks the Wolverines matchup with Georgia “pretty well.”

“I would never rule out this team again,” Finebaum said. “This has been an extraordinary journey for Jim Harbaugh and Michigan, and I think they’ll end up playing Georgia in the first-round game. I think they stack up pretty well. We don’t know what Georgia is going to look like after yesterday and, really, what the quarterback situation will be.”

It would be a fun college football matchup indeed.