Georgia and Ohio State will meet for only the 2nd time ever when they play in the Peach Bowl on Saturday. The College Football Playoff semifinal contest will determine a spot in the national title game.

As defending national champion Georgia prepares for the showdown, defenders Zion Logue and Jamon Dumas-Johnson, and co-defensive coordinator Glenn Schumann were asked in a press conference on Tuesday to compare Ohio State to teams they’ve faced in the SEC.

Logue sees plenty of resemblance to Tennessee and LSU in Ohio State because of the offensive versatility.

“I’ll tell you 2 teams, Tennessee and LSU, just because those guys, they run it a little bit too, but they can sit back in the pocket and let it fly around the field a little bit. I think we respect their quarterback, just like we did those 2 teams,” Logue said. “And college football respects their quarterbacks as well. So I think those are the 2 teams that I would stack them up against.”

Dumas-Johnson concurred with his teammate and reiterated that Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud is one of the best in the nation.

“I agree with Zion. Just the depth both of them teams had, Tennessee and LSU, compared to Ohio State, definitely wide receiver room,” Dumas-Johnson said. “Plus the good quarterbacks they had, at the time, the quarterbacks they had, arm length, vision, and the legs, and them — not shooting picks on their running backs, but they had good backs, too, but not able to show them up because of the wide receiver room that them three teams have in common.”

Schumann added Florida into the mix due to schematic similarities while mentioning that it’s common for teams to replicate successful elements.

“I think it’s fair because of the passing success to make reference to those two teams. I also think they run the ball at a high level. They’re running the ball for almost 200 yards a game, which Tennessee runs the ball well. I think there’s some carryover to Florida in terms of the type of sets and run game they have as well and some of the passing game concepts that show up there,” Schumann ┬ásaid. “So I think there’s little pieces. I mean, guys, football is — you can watch 6 different teams and see carryover from each team, so there’s a little piece of what they do offensively in everybody we’ve played to an extent.”

The lone meeting between Georgia and Ohio State occurred in the 1993 Citrus Bowl, which Georgia won 21-14.