While Georgia and Michigan seem like the top 2 teams in college football early in the season, many have questions regarding the teams’ strength of schedule.

Neither team will face a ranked opponent until November, which can make it hard to judge just how good the 2 teams are.

Greg McElroy broke down how Georgia and Michigan’s strength of schedule will impact national perception on his show Always College Football Wednesday.

“With Georgia and Michigan, it’s really not so much about the competition, because those 2 teams right now are the best in college football, I think, based on commodities, based on quality of play, based on talent level, those 2 teams are kind of at the top,” McElroy said. “So, I’m going to be watching not based on how they play against the competition, but how they play to the standard that I now expect out of them.”

While we won’t get to see Georgia and Michigan face any top teams just yet, McElroy believes you can still make a fair judgement on how good they are as they face the teams they have on deck.

“We’re going to try not to draw crazy conclusions based on how many ranked teams you beat, but more based on how you played against teams that aren’t ranked or ranked, depending on how difficult your schedule is,” McElroy said.