CBS found the perfect analyst to breakdown the 2019 SEC Championship Game in Gus Malzahn.

The Auburn coach has annual experience facing both Georgia and LSU and his Tigers gave both SEC division winners a run for their money this season, but came up just short of defeating both teams in 2019. Be that as it may, CBS could not have found a much better analyst than Malzahn heading into the game.

During the pregame festivities leading up to the game, Malzahn joined the CBS crew to share some insight into the matchup.

One key for Malzahn in the game is Jake Fromm. Auburn’s coach is a big believer that the experience Fromm has in this game will pay off on Saturday.


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“I think he’s a big-time quarterback,” Malzahn said of Fromm. “You have to keep in mind the experience factor — he’s played three SEC Championship Games in a row. He really plays his best games in bigger games, I’m a big fan of his. He’s tough, he’s got great command of his offense. I expect him to play well today.”

When it comes to attacking LSU’s defense, Malzahn gave Georgia one bit of free advice — don’t try and test Derek Stingley.

“Stay away from 24. I learned that the hard way,” Malzahn remarked. “He’s a freshman, we went after him right before halftime, ended up being the difference in the game. They (LSU) are a good defense, but I really feel like Georgia, if they are able to run the football and shorten the game, that’s going to be a big key. I think they can probably do that.”

Finally, when it comes to handling all the pregame hype that comes with an SEC Championship Game appearance, Malzahn offered up this advice.

“In a game like this, you try to keep things as routine as possible but this is not your normal game, so as a coach, you are sort of being (normal), watching your guys and just trying to get them ready to go,” Auburn’s coach said.

The coach that does that the best Saturday may just walk off the field as 2019 SEC Champions.