On Tuesday afternoon, Georgia linebackers Robert Beal and Brenton Cox were arrested for possessing less than ounce of marijuana. At the time, Athens-Clarke County online records showed that they were arrested at 3:13 p.m. and that each had posted bail roughly an hour later. Now, more details have emerged only one hilarious coincidence.

The marijuana was reportedly found when a maintenance worker and RA entered the pair’s dorm in response to a call about a clogged toilet. The UGA police were then called. While the police were in the room, Beal and Cox returned to the dorm, which happens to be unit No. 420. You don’t have to be the biggest pot smoker or even a midnight toker to know that 420 is quite popular in stoner culture.

While coach Kirby Smart has expressed frustration with the offseason arrests, at least fans – Dawgs and rivals alike – can get a chuckle out of this amusing detail.