How would Georgia’s 2017 season had played out if Jacob Eason never got hurt in the season opener against Appalachian State? That will likely be one of the biggest “what-ifs” for Georgia, if not the entire SEC, for years to come.

Of course, Eason did get hurt and lost his starting position due to the outstanding play from true freshman Jake Fromm. While Eason has the bigger arm, Fromm quickly emerged as a missing ingredient for Georgia and managed to hurt defenses time and again with his arm and his legs as the season played out all the way to the National Championship Game. Had Tua Tagovailoa not come in and saved the game for Alabama, the story from that game would have likely been the excellent play from Georgia’s freshman quarterback.

The way Eason tells it, however, he suggests he’d still be playing in Athens had he not gotten hurt last season.

During a recent interview with Dave “Softy” Mahler on 950 KJR, Eason went in-depth on a number of topics involving his time in Athens, his decision to leave Georgia and his thoughts on Washington and Chris Petersen. Lars Hanson of The Dawg Report transcribed these quotes from the lengthy interview.

Here’s what Eason had to say when asked about when he began to consider leaving Georgia:

“It was probably a good way through the season. Probably three quarters, week eight or nine,” Eason said. “I wasn’t playing and that’s the unique thing about being a quarterback is, no matter how many guys you have in the room, only one can play. Jake Fromm had a great season last year, he’s a great kid I love him to death. I wish the best for him and same with all my buddies on that team, but I had to do what was best for me and it was ultimately a business decision. And I think I made the right choice and I’m excited to start.”

Here’s what Eason had to say about his journey had he not gotten hurt last season:

“Honestly I couldn’t tell you. But if I’d not gotten hurt and I finished out the season I doubt we’d be talking right now. But that’s the thing about football. It’s an injury-related sport, things are going to happen and it did but I couldn’t be in a better spot.”

We will never know what would have happened to Georgia’s program or Eason had Fromm not taken over the starting responsibilities in Athens but considering all parties involved moved on with no hurt feelings, the situation that played out was probably the best thing that could have happened for everyone concerned.