It may have started as a joke but Jake Fromm is now being paid to represent State Farm.

If you follow the former Georgia quarterback on Twitter, you know his name on the social media platform is JakefromStateFromm. Now he’s actually getting paid to go by the name.

During his recent appearance on the NFL Network’s coverage for the Super Bowl, Fromm was on location to promote State Farm and shared how JakefromStateFromm got started.

“It kinda started off in high school, you know when the whole Jake from State Farm commercials were coming out, you know, and my name being so similar, it was easy, kinda make it my Twitter handle, kinda ran with it,” Fromm said on Thursday. “Posted a picture in college, you know it, who would have thought you would have been a 16, 17-year-old kid, we’d be here now.”

Fromm was then asked about his upcoming plans for the 2020 NFL Combine. Will the former Georgia signal-caller throw for NFL scouts during the event?

“Absolutely, why not? Let’s go out and throw,” Fromm answered. “I’m a competitor, I love to compete and I love football, so you know why would I not?”

When asked to share his thoughts on the upcoming Super Bowl, Fromm said he’s picking 49ers to win the game.

If you’ve never seen the Jake from State Farm commercial and are missing out on the joke, you can check it out below: