No. 10 Georgia wasn’t at its absolute best on Saturday night. But despite poor weather conditions and a slow offensive start, it rode a strong 2nd half to a 21-0 win over visiting Kentucky at Sanford Stadium in Athens.

Jake Fromm had a quiet game as he finished 9-of-12 for just 35 yards, a career-low for him in passing yards and his fewest pass attempts since 13 throws in a blowout win over Samford in his freshman year in 2017. Still, the team’s second-half response, especially with the physicality of the game increasing, was what stuck out to him.

“You just know going into it that it’s just going to be a physical game,” Fromm said to media afterwards. “Eventually, the body blows, they start to kind of add up. It was a physical game there towards the end and our guys did a really good job taking ownership. We got good field position, we got a turnover, and they just did a really good job responding.”

That was despite Georgia’s lack of rhythm in the 1st half, which Fromm attributed to both weather and Kentucky’s defense.

“Conditions were tough,” he said. “You’re working with the wet ball. Kentucky had a great defense and were coming out playing physical. They were getting some gaps. Things were tough. Throwing the football in these kinds of conditions, man, it’s tough. You don’t want to make a mistake; you don’t want to give them the ball with good field position because you see what happened there in the 2nd half. When (we got) good field position, (we) respond and we scored.”

Fromm, of course, had nothing but praise for D’Andre Swift’s performance. The junior running back ended the evening with 179 yards and 2 touchdowns on 21 carries.

“That joker balled out,” he said. “D’Andre did an amazing job running physical, running hard. I remember telling him many times in the 2nd half, ‘Man, it’s fun to watch you run.’ He came out and did a great job for us, and I’m really glad he’s on our team.”

The Bulldogs have an open week before facing No. 9 Florida in Jacksonville on Nov. 2.