Georgia’s offense took a big step forward last season thanks to the progression of Jake Fromm. While his debut season in Athens went as well as could have been expected considering he was a true freshman and forced into action following Jacob Eason’s injury, Fromm took the reins of the offense as a sophomore and ran with it down the stretch of the season.

While this isn’t news to UGA fans, those in NFL circles have begun to take notice of how impressive Fromm has been in his two seasons on the field for Georgia.

Some analysts have predicted Fromm could be the first quarterback to come off the board in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft before Fromm has even declared his intentions when it comes to a possible return for a senior season in Athens.

In a recent Sports Illustrated article by Albert Breer, former NFL quarterbacks Jordan Palmer and Trent Dilfer were the latest professional authorities to heap praise unto Georgia’s quarterback. The way Palmer see it, what Fromm accomplished last season may not be getting enough respect — even from Georgia fans.

“He’s done something as impressive as anything I’ve seen from a college player—going into his sophomore year, to play well enough to keep Justin Fields on the bench is incredibly impressive,” Palmer said to Sports Illustrated. “And it’s not just having the confidence to do it, it’s just as much being clutch. That’s the No. 1 recruit in the country coming in, a once-in-a-decade recruit, and a kid from Atlanta. They wanted to play him.

“Jake keeping [Fields] on the bench is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen, because it had to be 24/7. He had to be clutch 24/7 to keep Fields on the bench, and not have anyone think it was wrong. He had to compete 24/7. He couldn’t be bad in a practice or a game. It’s amazing he did it.”

If you were unaware, Palmer helps run the Elite 11 quarterback competition and also works as a quarterback coach for prospects with the opportunity to play in the NFL.

Dilfer, who helped run the Elite 11 for several years, has seen Fromm come up through the Elite 11 and developed into one of the best QB prospects in the nation. Dilfer is now a high school football coach in the Nashville area.

“[Fromm’s] in the surgeon category,” Dilfer said. “He’s not overly talented, not that he lacks talent. And he’s not just naturally accurate, he’s innately accurate. Steve Young used to say this—there’s the kind of kid who hit the target the first time he picked up a ball. That’s Jake. Super tough, great leader. But he’s gonna be a system fit. He’d be an awesome fit for [Jon] Gruden, where there’s a ton of offense, it’s complex, and a lot is expected of the quarterback. He wouldn’t be great for someone like Kliff [Kingsbury], who wants his quarterback to just go out there and sling it.”

If Fromm continues his progression on the field next fall, there’s no doubt he’ll have a tough decision to make when it comes to his future. Based on comments from analysts all across the NFL landscape, the league will be watching Georgia’s quarterback this fall with a close eye. If he looks the part, there’s a chance this is Fromm’s final season in Athens.