Former Georgia LB Jake Ganus made a lot of friends and fans in Athens during his outstanding senior season as a transfer from UAB.

That’s probably why he took to Twitter to complain on Saturday night.

Georgia DB Juwuan Briscoe, who was Ganus’ teammate last season, was arrested Saturday night on misdemeanor charges stemming from failure to present a license and not wearing a seat belt.

Here was Ganus’ initial reaction, which has since been deleted from his Twitter account:

Screenshot 2016-04-24 at 8.56.16 AM

Briscoe was released on bond nearly an hour after he was booked at the Athens-Clarke County Jail.

But Ganus does present an interesting point.

Was this really an offense worth arresting and booking a young man?

We don’t know the whole story because we were not at the scene and we certainly are not Georgia law experts, but on the surface it does seem like a couple of offenses that could have been handled with citations and fines.