Joel Klatt understands the early-season picture has already provided some surprises. However, the popular broadcaster for FOX is not ready to question the idea Georgia and Michigan have not earned their respective No. 1 and No. 2 rankings.

In a segment for FOX, Klatt responded to a fan questioning what the programs have done to earn the top rankings. Klatt says the ranking process has to include a combination of factors and not just what the team has earned to this point.

“Doesn’t it have to be kind of a combination of what we think they are and what they’ve earned?” questioned Klatt. “Because if it’s just about what they’ve earned, then it’s like Texas and (FSU) are one and two and then who’s No. 3? Nobody? Colorado? Utah?

“By the way, Colorado and Utah are the only two teams in the country that have played two Power 5 teams so far this year and are 2-0. So are they 3-4? Obviously not, so doesn’t it have to be some combination of the two?”

Klatt went on to say he asks the question of which teams would be likely to beat Georgia or Michigan if lining up against the Bulldogs or Wolverines this weekend.

“My question would be like: Who are you picking to beat Georgia this week? Can Texas beat Georgia? I don’t know. Can anyone beat Michigan? That’s a really talented roster,” Klatt claimed. “…It can’t just be about what you’ve earned, particularly in the first two weeks of the season.”