Georgia defensive lineman Jonathan Ledbetter was arrested in Athens early Sunday morning on a collection of alcohol-related charges.

A new report from Bulldogs beat writer Marc Weiszer has cleared up some of the details of the arrest, which included charges for underage consumption and possession of a fake ID.

According to the report, Ledbetter attempted to get into the Silver Dollar Bar at 1:45 a.m. on Sunday morning.

According to the incident report, the officer wrote: “I could see the Georgia Driver’s License protruding from his wallet. I retrieved the license and observed the male’s date of birth to be (redcated) 1997.” … ”Due to Ledbetter’s inebriated state and stature I asked him to step away from the entrance and I took possession of his wallet finding a fraudulent photo copy Georgia’s Driver’s License with Ledbetter’s information but with a date of birth of (redacted) 1992.”

The reporting police officer was standing near the entrance of the bar and classified Ledbetter as “very inebriated.”

From that point, it appears as though backup officers were called and he was transported away.

The incident report also cites a “Coach Gant” approaching to inquire about Ledbetter.

Weiszer’s report draws a potential connection to Bryant Gantt, who has worked on the Georgia football support staff since 2011.

There has been no comment from Georgia coach Kirby Smart since the incident occurred.