Jordan Davis and the Georgia Bulldogs’ defense didn’t do a great job of stopping Alabama QB Bryce Young in the SEC Championship Game.

The Heisman Trophy winner only ran 3 times for 40 yards, but he did score a touchdown as a runner. And, he kept several plays alive with his legs while throwing for 421 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions.

Speaking ahead of Monday’s College Football Playoff National Championship Game, Davis said the Bulldogs have been calling Young the “Gingerbread Man” because of his escapability (via

Bryce is an extremely talented athlete. He’s slippery. And I forgot, we were watching, I think “Hard Knocks” with the Colts, and they were talking about the gingerbread man and how Kyler Murray was running around like a gingerbread man. That’s what we’ve been calling him all week. Just seeing him run around our defense in the SEC Championship Game, you have to tighten up.

That’s one of the things we’ve been trying to do. I’ve been going against like wide receivers in our quarterback rodeo drill in practice, so trying to track down a wide receiver who is shifty, and I’m a defensive lineman, it takes a lot of skill and a lot of practice. And it teaches you to track the hips. We’ve just been tracking hips all practice. And definitely this go-around we’ll try to contain him and get him.

Keeping Young from throwing for 400 yards and accounting for 4 total touchdowns seems like a good start if the Dawgs want to win the national title on Monday night.

But, actually stopping the Heisman winner is easier said than done. We’ll see if Davis and his teammates can get the job done.