Jordan Davis understands Stetson Bennett’s story, and how far he’s come to be the starting quarterback in Monday’s national championship. But the star defensive lineman was asked on Saturday what impresses him the most about Georgia’s QB.

“Definitely his resiliency. Stetson is a resilient kid,” Davis said. “He went from Rose Bowl scout team QB coming in, and just grinding, working. He’s an extremely hard worker. Every time I see Stetson he’s either learning up on something or on his flip phone. He’s that guy you want to be around.”

Much has been made — and will be up to and through the game on Monday — about Bennett’s journey from walk-on to junior college transfer, to starter on a team playing for the national championship. Especially when it’s juxtaposed with 5-star Bryce Young’s journey at Alabama. But it’s obvious that Davis and the rest of the Georgia teammates appreciate it.