Kelee Ringo will get plenty of attention on Monday night as a focal point of the Georgia defense as the star cornerback is matched up against TCU wide receiver Quentin Johnston.

Ringo spoke with ESPN’s Holly Rowe, and said he’s trying to live in the moment and appreciate the blessing that he’s had to even participate in the game.

Getting hands on Johnston will be key because as a bigger receiver, Ringo said those kinds of receivers typically go against smaller cornerbacks. Ringo also said a key is to work his feet, and not let Johnston use Ringo’s body against him.

“He’s a big, lanky receiver, big body of course, just like myself,” Ringo said. “Pretty quick, fast, long stride man. He’s a good overall NFL type of receiver and I have a lot of respect for him. We have a lot of respect for Max Duggan as well. Of course, we know that Max Duggan’s going to try and get him the ball a lot so of course, just like any opportunity when a corner goes against a good receiver, you’re up for the challenge.”

Coming out of the Ohio State game, Ringo said he has to have a “next-play mentality” and realize how to improve the next time.