Kelee Ringo took a moment at the NFL Combine on Thursday to defend the Georgia football culture as it’s been criticized following multiple arrests of his teammates.

The context is 3 Georgia players were arrested in recent weeks.

Former Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett was arrested in Dallas, Texas in January on a public intoxication charge. Georgia inside linebacker Jamon Dumas-Johnson was arrested in February on charges of reckless driving and racing. Former defensive tackle Jalen Carter was arrested on similar charges on Wednesday.

Ringo said he believes it starts with the coaches and players holding themselves accountable.

“I definitely would say that has nothing to do with the program, and I would say different people have their different reasons for what they do, you know? And to be a grown man, you know, you have to be responsible on what you’re doing specifically,” Ringo said, via 247Sports. “Character-wise, I don’t have anything to say on any of my teammates, you know, but of course to whom much is given, much is expected. You have to be able to realize that.”

The brotherhood also holds the players together in times of adversity.