Georgia is facing 2 of the best pass rushers in the country on Friday in Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson and David Ojabo.

Hutchinson has 14 sacks this season, while Ojabo has 11 entering the College Football Playoff semifinal. It’s a challenge for Georgia’s offensive line, but those players accept it, coach Kirby Smart said.

Those pass rushers go against Michigan’s offensive line, which won the Joe Moore Award for the nation’s best offensive line, in practice.

“The first thing you have to do is match their intensity,” Smart said. “Regardless of the talent they have, the strain, the desire, the want-to leaks through on the film. You talk to people that have played them, it’s one of the first things they talk about is ‘Man, we didn’t take into account how hard they played, how much effort, how much want-to, how much desire.’ That has to come from within. That doesn’t come from a star that was given to you out of high school. That doesn’t come from a reputation you got. That comes from like within, what do you have inside you, what stamina do you have in the fourth quarter to pass pro or run block, whatever it requires in the fourth quarter, to outwork the player, out-strain the player in front of you. Those 2 guys just are tremendous want-to — you can tell they push each other. They go against a really good offensive line every day in practice, so those guys are really good competitors, and they’re a huge challenge for our offensive line.”

Those pass rushers combined with the reputation of Michigan’s offensive line offers plenty of motivation for Georgia’s offensive line.

“Our offensive line embraces challenges like this,” Smart said. “They want these opportunities. It’s what you come to college to go play against is the best in the country, whether that’s the best in the country at run defense or best in the country at rushing the passer. You want to play against the best. You want to be measured against the best, and that’s what the playoffs allow you to do.”