Georgia has dealt with a host of changes on offense this season, especially if you consider missing spring practice. But there has been plenty of turnover and changes at quarterback of late, not to mention the losses from last season on the offensive line and at running back.

Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart has addressed Georgia’s offensive identity recently, and he did it again on Monday at his regular weekly press conference. Smart was asked if it was more difficult to find because of all the changes.

Georgia was off last week and returns to action this week against Kentucky.

“It’s whatever the defense gives you,” Smart said, and added that he ultimately looks for balance. “I don’t think you solely control the identity you play with. Some of it is created through playing in games, who’s healthy, what you’re capable of, what they play against you. How defenses play us sometimes determine where we run the ball, which run play we run, how much we run. A lot of that is dictated by that. … You want to be able to throw it when you want to, and run it when you want to. It is not real complicated, but sometimes it’s hard to do because the other team makes it complicated.”

Smart later said he thought Georgia did well on third down execution. He said a lot of that is through play-action passes, and the need to be committed to the run, not necessarily good at it, but, “you’ve got to be committed enough to the run game to be able to hit shots off those play actions.”