Jake Fromm won SEC Freshman of the Year, led his team to the SEC Championship and was moments away from capturing the National Championship in his first season as a Bulldog. You’d think a player that has accomplished so much would have his spot cemented in the lineup heading into his second year on campus.

According to Kirby Smart, that’s not at all how it is in Athens while he’s running things.

The Georgia coach recently discussed how the offseason addition of five-star recruit Justin Fields forces Fromm to keep his edge each and every day in the Bulldog program, for fear of potentially losing his spot. While some fans may clamor to see what Fields can do on the field, it sounds like the freshman’s addition is only going to make Fromm that much better of a quarterback in Athens.

“Without Justin here, there’s times (Fromm) may relax and he can’t do that. You can’t do that in any profession. There’s always someone trying to take a step up and move up that ladder. I think both those guys have done it really well, doing a good job of understanding the offense.

“Justin has been, I’m not saying (a) surprise — because I knew the kid was sharp and bright — but he’s picked things up well. He’s handled himself well. He’s had some good plays in the scrimmages that have allowed him to make plays down the field and I know Jake’s seen that.”

Here is the full audio clip from Smart via ESPNU Radio on SiriusXM: