Georgia has won back-to-back SEC East games over the previous two weekends, which have resulted in delivering another division title to the Bulldogs. That’s the good news. The bad news? Georgia can’t seem to punch it in the end zone near the goal line.

That’s something that will obviously have to change if Georgia is going to accomplish more than simply winning the SEC East.

Florida stuffed the Bulldogs time after time in Jacksonville and managed to keep Kirby Smart’s team out of the end zone on seven consecutive plays at the goal line two weeks ago and Kentucky managed to do something similar late in the contest last weekend. Once the Wildcats held the Bulldogs to a field goal, Smart went off on the sideline.

The Georgia coach was recently asked about his screaming fit on the sideline — was it playcalling or executing that got him so mad? — and if that was the maddest he’s ever been since becoming the leader of the Bulldog program.

“I really don’t think it’s that. I think we worked really hard on it last week and that’s probably the most frustrating thing is that we didn’t overcome the obstacles we had previously,” Smart replied. “And it has nothing to really do with play calling. It’s not the maddest I’ve ever been. I was more disappointed in some of the organizational things, not necessarily what we did. Just the way we went about it, and we’ll continue to work on it and get better at it.”

If you missed the infamous clip of Smart going off in the Kentucky game, here it is: