It was recently reported that Georgia and Florida will be allowed to host recruits for the annual neutral site rivalry clash in Jacksonville. Kirby Smart, however, doesn’t see it as big news because it isn’t a real recruiting visit.

Smart was asked about this week’s report during his Saturday press conference.

“We’ve always been able to do that,” Smart told reporters. “You make an independent decision that each university can decide how they want to do their tickets. For the first time, we are able to allot tickets, which we do on every neutral site game. We do it with Clemson. We do it with Oregon. We do it all the time. Per NCAA rules we are not allowed to see them or talk to them. We can’t do anything with them, so it’s really a moot point.”

Players can attend the game, but without a visit, they’re hardly being recruited.

“They get to go, but what good does that do in terms of recruiting that you don’t get to spend time with them and host them?” Smart said. “It doesn’t change the official visit they are on.”

We’ll see if the NCAA ever changes the rule to allow actual recruitment in Jacksonville.