Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs fell to Alabama on Saturday and now await the CFP committee’s judgement on Sunday. In all likelihood, Georgia will be out of the CFP after winning 29 straight games.

Smart was asked postgame about the non-review of Isaiah Bond’s 4th down conversion at the end of the first half.

Bond converted a 4th and 4 with a questionable reception. The ball appeared to bobble slightly as Bond makes contact with the ground. No review came, and Alabama scored just a few plays later to push the lead to 17-7 instead of 10-7 and potentially more for Georgia heading into the half.

Here’s the play in question.

And here’s Smart’s response to the non-review when asked postgame.

“The first staple of any review is they review it up top, you know, and they go quick,” Smart said. “So for me to ask for a review, it’d cost me a timeout, but they get to watch it. So I was not aware of it being called or not called. I mean, I guess you’re saying the replay showed that he didn’t catch it, and that was an extremely critical play of the game because they go on to score there.”

Does Georgia have a shot to reach the playoff despite losing Saturday?