Georgia is the only team in the country to not allow a rushing touchdown this season, which is something both coaches are aware of leading up to the South Carolina-Georgia game this week.

It’s something that Georgia coach Kirby Smart said means a lot to the players.

“It’s always a point of pride, I think every defense in the nation would tell you that but I don’t want them to throw one in either,” he said on the SEC media teleconference “… we want to keep them out of the end zone altogether… we have to get better on D, we have to tackle, we have to wrap up… when teams have scored on us, it’s just been from farther out.”

Smart was asked about South Carolina’s top two rivals, Clemson and Georgia being consistently ranked in the top five recently, and participating in the College Football Playoff. He noted how the three teams focus on the same recruiting footprint.

“It’s a challenge everywhere, it’s not just a challenge at South Carolina or it’s not a challenge for us,” he said. “The area around Atlanta, there are a lot of good football players… the best programs find the best players and then you have to develop them. You aren’t going to win every recruiting battle, no one will, but it’s about what you do when they get to campus.”

Smart also offered his thoughts on patiences among SEC programs these days. Muschamp has come under criticism for the Gamecocks’ 2-3 start to the season.

“I think you could argue it’s less patience,” he said. “When you think of the turnovers of the previous 20 years as compared to the 20 before that… it increases the pressure to have success, but I think good leaders understand it’s not going to happen overnight.”

Smart also recalled his time at Valdosta State coaching alongside Muschamp, and added, “No similarities from those days, there are basic principles, like 3 deep zone but outside of that, there’s not much carry over from our Valdosta State time.”