If nothing else, you have to give Dan Mullen and Florida some credit for their creativity when it comes to trolling. While the Gator football program may not yet be an equal to Kirby Smart’s Georgia program on the field, Mullen is doing everything he can to fire up his fan base in regards to bragging rights in the series.

The latest jab from Mullen and Florida came last weekend as the school officially announced a crowd of 39,476 for the Orange & Blue Game. As it turns out, that number wasn’t authentic, as Mullen indicated he liked to fudge his spring game numbers to needle rival fans when possible.

Thanks to some investigative work by the Gator Reddit team, it was revealed that 39,476 was a shot at the Bulldogs.

Georgia’s previous national title came in 1980, meaning the Bulldogs have gone 39 long years since winning a national title. During that 39-year wait, Georgia has played 476 total college football games. That’s how Florida came up with 39,476 for the 2019 spring game.

During a recent appearance on Atlanta-based radio station 680 The Fan, Smart was asked if he was aware of Florida’s trolling of Georgia.

“Yeah, I heard,” Smart replied.

As for a response, Georgia’s coach didn’t really want to go there.

“I’m really comfortable not talking about it,” Smart said when asked for his response.

That’s all Smart would say on the subject but he was willing to give some insight on another offseason topic that got some traction. Paul Finebaum offered up his take on the “rift” between Nick Saban and Smart and the budding rivalry between the two coaches. According to Smart, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I know that media sells and that everybody is an entertainer these days and everybody has to come up with their theories but I also know the personal relationship and I have with somebody that I worked for 12 years and have an immense amount of respect for and I worry about what I know to be true,” Smart said in response to Finebaum’s comments.

It’s interesting to note that Smart referenced his respect for Saban but didn’t say the same about Mullen during his appearance on the show. Without saying much, Georgia’s coach made it pretty clear what he thinks of the man leading the Florida football program.