On Tuesday, Georgia beat reporters in Athens got Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart to weigh in all on the hot topics in the SEC.

While Smart’s Tuesday press conference did have its share of UGA football questions, he was also asked about noon kickoffs, a hot topic thanks to Alabama, and opposing locker rooms, the subject of an ongoing back-and-forth between Texas and LSU.

As a long-time assistant at Alabama and now the head coach at Georgia, Smart is uniquely familiar with opposing locker rooms around the SEC. He candidly revealed that one part of the stadium is getting ignored when it comes to facility upgrades. When asked about the LSU-Texas story, Smart told reporters that it would probably be a worthwhile story for them to cover sometime. He also admitted that Georgia’s opposing locker room is “not very good.”

“Some of the SEC facilities on the road, y’all should go around and do a story on, because there’s not very good locker rooms in the SEC on the road,” Smart told the media. “They’re mostly the old ’60s and ’70s locker rooms from stadium to stadium.

“It’d be a nice little story, some of the places that I’ve been to, and the dungeons you’ve been in. They’re not high-quality, and I’m not picking on other places because it’s not very good here. They’re not very nice. That’s just the way it is.”

Smart’s candid answer is getting a lot of attention on social media.