As Week 1 of the college football season quickly approaches, players are getting antsy for some live action.

The Bulldogs will open the season against SEC East foe Vanderbilt, but for now, there’s still more work to do in practice.

On Wednesday, coach Kirby Smart said he’s not exactly eager to start playing games, but he said he understands that’s what players want (via 247Sports):

“I’m not eager. I do agree that at some point you have to go play somebody to get better. We need practice, we need to improve, but we need to play somebody else to be able to do that because you get to the point where you see the same guys, do the same thing. You only have a certain amount of defenses or so many offenses sets or plays, and it’s like, you can’t get bored with the basics so you want to go play somebody. To grow and get better, we’ve got to get some experience in some spots that we don’t. We’ve got to go out there and experience playing somebody else. So I’m looking forward to that part. I’m sure they’re the same way at Vandy. (Derek Mason’s) not worried about us right now, but he’s also ready to go play somebody else right now other than himself. Those kids are the same way. That’s the hardest management right now. The kids are like, ‘We need some games.”

Coaches obviously love practicing and working on minute details until their players can do them in their sleep. However, players live for games.

The Dawgs will start the year soon enough, but Smart acknowledges these next few practice sessions are important ones for his squad.