Much was made about Georgia coach Kirby Smart’s decision to not kick a field goal of more than 50 yards on Saturday late in regulation in the double overtime loss to South Carolina.

Asked if it had to do with his experience on the Alabama staff when Auburn returned a long field goal attempt for a touchdown in the game famously nicknamed “Kick Six” in 2013, Smart said, “absolutely not.”

Smart said the program does self-analysis all the time, and the two parts of the game that stood out were the final two minutes of each half, and the Bulldogs have been productive in those situations, and aggressive. The first-half field goal attempt was blocked, but he felt like K Rodrigo Blankenship could have made a 53-yard field goal attempt.

Smart said the only consideration the coaching staff has is when to burn timeouts, strategy-wise. The staff meets with NFL teams and SEC officials to discuss different scenarios. Smart said since Georgia has had timeouts to use late in the half and late in the game, Georgia has managed them well to even have them available.

The team also practices these last-second scenarios each Thursday and Friday.

“No coach in his right mind with eight seconds left thinks he can’t get another play off … no doubts, no questions, nothing there,” Smart said Monday at his regular weekly press conference. “We’ve just got to be more effective and efficient in two minute, and that’s really been one of our strengths, not one of our weaknesses.”