The Georgia Bulldogs made an unusual decision to start Saturday’s game against the South Carolina Gamecocks, trying to catch the Gamecocks off-guard with an onside kick.

The play didn’t work, and it gave coach Will Muschamp’s squad great field position to start the first drive.

Smart was asked about the questionable decision at halftime, and said he thought the play was there and he wanted Georgia to come out aggressively:

“We’re aggressive,” he said. “It was there. We want to go after it and that’s what we believe in.”

He also addressed it after the game, adding that he wants the Bulldogs to be the hunter and not the hunted:

The Bulldogs ended up winning 24-10, so the decision didn’t cost them, but it’s something Smart and his coaching staff will have to look at as they head into next weekend’s Auburn game.

Perhaps a more conservative approach to the first kickoff next week will be a smart move.