Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs cruised to an easy 34-7 win over rival Florida in Jacksonville on Saturday afternoon.

But, during the game, Smart was shown getting upset with talented DB Kelee Ringo.

So, what did Ringo do to draw Smart’s ire? Smart explained after the game that another Georgia player messed up an assignment and Ringo got upset. But, Smart added, it’s not Ringo’s job to get on his teammates, as that’s what Smart and the Georgia coaches are there for (via On3 Sports):

“Kelee was actually right,” he began. “Kelee did the right thing. Kelee had smash rule, so when they run the smash rule, you’ve got to take the next guy. He did the right thing. He just didn’t respond the right way to it and he was upset at the guy that did wrong.”

Smart continued.

“I’m not gonna let him get on other players. That’s our coaches’ job to do that. Kelee’s great. He handles criticism well. He understands he did the right thing. He just handled it the wrong way. He’s very smart. He’s gonna be a good football player. He made some good plays today.”

It seems everything is all good between Smart and Ringo. It was a coaching moment and Smart seems to have gotten his message across.